Saturday, December 31, 2005

Million Dollar Home Stretch

Million Dollar Pixel Page progress report

Remember this... Alex Tew's scheme to pay for college... The Million Dollar Homepage.

Well there are only one thousand pixels left. In fact I doubt those are still available. So Happy New Year Million Dollar Homepage. Definately one of the smartest moves ever made by an individual using the internet.

Now I would like to see The Million Dollar Homepage Quilt. Think about it.

UPDATE: Holly Crap what a good idea! Looks like Alex took the last 1000 pixels on his site and put 'em on eBay. The bidding has reached $21,400.00 and is climbing. I love this kid.

UPDATE 2: I wasn't gonna keep updating this, but I think the word is out because today the bids have lept to a staggering (yes, staggering) 149,900 dollars. I dont know what tax is on a million dollars, but Alex is not only going to make a million... he is going to clear a million.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

At At Boo Boo Gets His Day

Perhaps you reconize the At At Boo Boo T-Shirt. I did a little story on it in June. I had entered it at and though it scored VERY high it was not printed for legal reasons. Well I had all, but given up on the sucker when good friend and ghost boy Ricky Bacchus clued me in on the fact that CafeExpress was doing black shirts.

Using CafePress the At At Boo Boo shirt is now available. I will be making $2 per shirt. That part sucks , but at least the shirt will be made.

For those of you who do not know what an At-At is. It is somewhat of a "walking tank" and was featured in the Star Wars film The Empire Strikes Back.

Buy it here:

And check out Ricky's Luckiest Girls Tee here: Luckiest Girls

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


One of GNF's embedded agents in New York City's Subways sent these four pics and claims there are many more like them out there on the net. I don't think we can justify a raise, but maybe they will settle for a REALLY big box of those squishy neck pillows.

An MTA strike is neither Tech story nor T-Shirt nor Honorable mention, but ever since the PSP MTA MAP GreedoNeverFired has been hot with the subway crowd. So why not.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Robots Are Coming, The Robots Are Coming!

They grow up so fast. And fast is the key word. When I first saw ASIMO running I thought "WOW, running, what a stupendous feat of technology... of balance!" Then it hit me. Back in December of 2004 Honda announced ASIMO's Top speed at 3 kph. Now in December of 2005 they have doubled that speed to 6kph. With that in mind (and assuming the average sustainable top speed of a human being is 15mph/24kph, I have calculated that we have until December of 2007 to enjoy the luxury of being able to out run robots. After that... they see you, they got you.

Here's some simple advice. As your body begins to give out be sure to splurge on that hip replacement or knee joint implants etc. Not that these upgrades will ever enable you to escape the metallic menace, but it is my belief the robots will take mercy on the cyborgs of our race.

Good luck.

UPDATE: By the way they overtake our land speed record in 2013.

Instant Free Webpage at

Here is a great way to make a website faster than you can say “dude, we so need a website” and its free! This really is the easiest one of these sites I have seen yet. Functionality is limited, but I am guessing it will grow.

I whipped up this one in about 15 minutes. It’s for a new rock club on the lower east side of Manhattan called Fontana’s.

They have their actual site (still temporary) at

Sunday, December 18, 2005

1984 meets 2014 (not)

Here is a link to an 8 minute flash video called Epic 2014 which is picking up new steam on the little old internet (originally released in early 2004). The piece is a mock futuristic news flash foretelling the death of "real journalism." It was created by young journalists Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan and I don’t like it. It just feels sooo much like propaganda. A gloom and doom projection of a future where “real” journalism is lost, driven bankrupt by a sensational, technological monster with no respect for institutions like The New York Times.

Move over RIAA. File sharing may destroy the music industry, but INTERNET NEWS threatens our VERY DEMOCRACY! It is true though. The internet makes “journalism” so accessible that soon nearly EVERYONE will have a voice and where is the democracy in that?!

Check this out. This is the second to last voiceover bit from vid.

"But at it’s worst, and for too many, EPIC is merely a collection of trivia. Much of it untrue, all of it narrow, shallow and sensational. But EPIC is what we wanted, it is what we chose, and it’s commercial success preempted any discussions of media and democracy for journalistic ethics."

That bit just kills me. It’s like this:

"Today I learned that as far as information on the web is concerned it is "all of it narrow, shallow and sensational."

"Oh really where did you learn that?"

"I'd rather not say."

From the handful of articles I read it appears journalist are calling the movie “chilling” and “a disturbing picture of a time that might be." To me it feels like a bit of flashy advertising. I do however think it is cute that its makers believe The New York Times will last till 2014. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Burger Kong

These Guys are killing me. Well, actually they are killing us. I kid. I LOVE BK. They have done a complete 180 on the fast food health trend. While McDonalds is pimping salads and “low-cal” chicken sandwiches, Burger King is serving up the Meat-Normous Breakfast sandwich and now the Kong-Sized Triple Whopper. In the ad they actually have a guy walk up to a two ton Triple Whopper… embrace it… and bite into the slimy grey meat. They have every right. Give the people what they want. Hell, tell the people what they want. They’ll eat it up.

Monday, December 12, 2005

“The Slashdot / Digg Effect” (or Nobody Goes There Anymore It’s Too Crowded)

This is a phenomenon that is really starting to bum me out. I will quickly explain what it is.

Sites like and are basically places that say “Hey, check out this cool thing on the web!” Millions of people visit these two sites and in turn jump to what ever is the latest “cool thing on the web.” Unfortunately, the site where this “cool thing” lives is rarely ready for the onslaught of visitors and almost without fail the site will quickly use up its allocated bandwidth or just plain “crash” under the strain. The sites that cause this phenomenon proudly dub it the “(insert culprit here) effect.”

I used to think it was kinda cool. I was impressed that this site I use to find neat stuff has so much power. Nowadays I find that it’s rare that I can even investigate the top 3 stories on Digg because they are either dead or so bogged down that the load times are waaaay to long for my patience.

I am just telling you about this because it bugs me. And because it is an interesting problem which I am curious to see how and if it will be remedied. You may also now understand why when your pal says, “hey check out the cool video at such and such link” that link doesn’t work for you. There’s a good chance it’s had its back broken by the scrillions that got there before you.

Yes, scrillions.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005

MORSE 4 PSP or -- --- .-. ... . / ....- / .--. ... .--.

I know, I know, another useless PSP experiment for you all to berate me for making. Sure it ain’t pretty nor the bleeding edge of technology, but in the immortal words of Minor Threat.

“…at least I'm fucking trying. What the fuck have you done?”

With that said. Here is a place to download a PSP version of the vid I made to help teach myself Morse code. It is only a lil' 1.2MB .sit file so it’s worth a try.

And here’s a VERY quick how to: First, you'll need to create a new directory in the root folder of your memory stick called "MP_ROOT." You'll then need to create a "100MNV01" directory inside the MP_ROOT directory. You'll put the video files (M4V00001.MP4 & M4V00001.THM) in this 100MNV01 directory.

That's pretty basic stuff for a PSP user. Still, it sounds so geeky it drives chicks wild.