Saturday, December 31, 2005

Million Dollar Home Stretch

Million Dollar Pixel Page progress report

Remember this... Alex Tew's scheme to pay for college... The Million Dollar Homepage.

Well there are only one thousand pixels left. In fact I doubt those are still available. So Happy New Year Million Dollar Homepage. Definately one of the smartest moves ever made by an individual using the internet.

Now I would like to see The Million Dollar Homepage Quilt. Think about it.

UPDATE: Holly Crap what a good idea! Looks like Alex took the last 1000 pixels on his site and put 'em on eBay. The bidding has reached $21,400.00 and is climbing. I love this kid.

UPDATE 2: I wasn't gonna keep updating this, but I think the word is out because today the bids have lept to a staggering (yes, staggering) 149,900 dollars. I dont know what tax is on a million dollars, but Alex is not only going to make a million... he is going to clear a million.


Anonymous said...

damn! we couldnt have thought of this instead of microwaving reo speedwagon records to improve their sound.

Dave Himself said...

BG, I am sure you are merely complimenting Alex Tew and not in any way trying to diminish the importance of the "Madonna Death Threat."