Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Burger Kong

These Guys are killing me. Well, actually they are killing us. I kid. I LOVE BK. They have done a complete 180 on the fast food health trend. While McDonalds is pimping salads and “low-cal” chicken sandwiches, Burger King is serving up the Meat-Normous Breakfast sandwich and now the Kong-Sized Triple Whopper. In the ad they actually have a guy walk up to a two ton Triple Whopper… embrace it… and bite into the slimy grey meat. They have every right. Give the people what they want. Hell, tell the people what they want. They’ll eat it up.


Anonymous said...

and now, free with every triple whopper, the triple bypass... and a lifetime's supply of mucoid plaque! (look it up, bitches)

Anonymous said...