Friday, December 02, 2005

MORSE 4 PSP or -- --- .-. ... . / ....- / .--. ... .--.

I know, I know, another useless PSP experiment for you all to berate me for making. Sure it ain’t pretty nor the bleeding edge of technology, but in the immortal words of Minor Threat.

“…at least I'm fucking trying. What the fuck have you done?”

With that said. Here is a place to download a PSP version of the vid I made to help teach myself Morse code. It is only a lil' 1.2MB .sit file so it’s worth a try.

And here’s a VERY quick how to: First, you'll need to create a new directory in the root folder of your memory stick called "MP_ROOT." You'll then need to create a "100MNV01" directory inside the MP_ROOT directory. You'll put the video files (M4V00001.MP4 & M4V00001.THM) in this 100MNV01 directory.

That's pretty basic stuff for a PSP user. Still, it sounds so geeky it drives chicks wild.


Anonymous said...

How about your rendition of Julius Caesar on an Aldis Lamp?

Anonymous said...

How about Å, Ä, and Ö for us scandinavians?-)

And numbers would be useful too...

73 DE O H 2 G X N