Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walk On The Pavements

Every so often the above gem shows up on the internet and all the little angst ridden, revolutionary wanna-bees line up in the comments to say “sooo true” and “more so now than ever” and I get irate every time.
So this time it will be ME posting it and it will be ME who comments on it. You are welcome to comment as well, but I was first. This time.

While growing up discover something you enjoy doing and are good at and find someone who needs that something done and arrange for them to pay you to do it.

If you choose to have kids seek out the best way to fill their minds with useful information so they might have a fighting chance in a world where knowledge is power.

Wear clothes because other wise you will die of exposure. Wear the clothes you find comfortable. Wear the clothes you find help represent who you are. Wear the clothes that make your girlfriend grab your ass. And if your choices do not follow fashion... fashion will likely follow you.

And remember that society accepts a million definitions of normal. Act normal with some creativity and you could be as wildly popular as Marilyn Manson. Or just twirl about with reckless abandon. Some will call you an ass, others a free-spirit, most will adjust their path to avoid you and 1 or 2 may join you.

Walk wherever you like. Through fields, through puddles, through alleys, or god forbid on pavements. But best to walk where you wont be shot or run over.

Watch Carl Sagan loving and explaining the never ending Cosmos. Watch how things are made. Watch leaders speak. Watch Jon Stewart lampoon them. And why not... laugh along with a laugh track now and then. Or even choose sides between Lauren and Heidi.

In a world where goods and services are mainly acquired monetarily consider setting aside some money or assets that can work for you when you are too old to work for yourself.

Do what you think is right and fair and just. If you are a decent person 90 percent of the time you will find you are obeying the law inadvertantly. As for the other 10 percent. Disobey loudly and proudly and with others who agree with you. You may one day change that law.

REPEAT AFTER ME: The message in the photo was shorter but perhaps only because the author only managed to steal one can of paint. (The writer may be free, but paint is not.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pluto Is Many Things To Many People, But It Aint No Planet

Looks like the old debate has returned and astronomers are once again arguing over Pluto's planet status.

I personally would like to see Pluto remain in its "NOT A PLANET" status. But for a somewhat unorthodox reason. I often use the fact that Pluto is no longer considered a planet as a way to point out one of the important differences between science and religion. It is a great example of new technology... providing new information... that causes the scientific communty to admit fault in it's existing information. No adherence to tradition, no injured pride, no accusations of heresy and no excommunication. You just inform the world that billions of books, posters, documentaries and science fair models are WRONG. And when the world replies "COME ON!" Science replies "TOUGH SH*T" this is science.

And if you are thinking "Hey man Pluto should be a Planet, It always has been, its an accepted fact." Well then you have missed your calling. You should have been a church elder in the 1600s. You could have helped to stifle the work of Galileo Galilei. Tradition has no place in science.

And with that in mind, if you can cut Pluto some slack because of 70 years of planet status then what are you gonna do for the geocentric model of the solar system which held sway for SIX THOUSAND years.

But don't take it from me. Take it from The Chairman of the Board (of The Planetary Society) Neil deGrasse Tyson