Friday, December 29, 2006

More Talk, Less Music (See What I Did There?)

It appears that my last post quickly went from gold mine to land mine as many of the videos were quickly removed from or set to only play on youtube and not as embedded videos. IMO (that’s “in my opinion”) even with the dead links and matchbox 20 section it is still pretty cool.

However, here is some undeniable gold. Literature! The written word... Only spoken. or Open Culture has compiled a kick ass list of free books on tape style audio files for your listening pleasure. Machiavelli ‘s The Prince, HG Wells’ War Of The Worlds, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley faithful to its original text. Aesop, Chaucer, Dostoyevsky. Not every reading is a grand performance, but many are... Check Patrick Horgan reading War of the Worlds. Put a chapter on your iPod each day or pack it full and head out on the open road. LINKAGE

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Less Talk, More Music.

What’s better than stumbling upon the occasional cool video on YouTube? How about stumbling upon 20,000 music videos all on one page with a player that follows you down the page as you browse. Somewhere between the At The Drive In, Opeth and Slayer and the Bee Gees, Steely Dan and Wham has got to be something you can dig on. In fact this post is a futile effort to drag myself from the quicksand that is Twenty Thousand Music Videos in one place. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Attractive Jewelry (Get It? Attractive.)

Geeks dig magnets and chicks dig jewelry ergo geeks should give chicks magnetic jewelry. No? Would it help if they knew the jewelry is made of “rare earth magnets?” No? Silver, gold, platinum and diamonds are our only choice? Damn! Ok still these barcelets are wicked cool. I spoke to the creator of Dynomighty today and he is everything you hope for in a young entrepenuer. He is excited about his products to the point where you don’t even need to ask him questions to hear all about them. Well I am off to the Moss Design Store (146 Greene between Houston and Prince) to get one of these for a girl. Don’t worry she is a total geek. (uh oh, Hope she doesn’t read this.) Dynomighty

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fully Stoked Internet Radio

If you are like me... you are incredibly old... But you also used to lay back and listen to the radio at night. For me the DJs were Scott Muni at WNEW, Donna Donna at WLIR and Carol Miller over at WPLJ. Now a days you couldn’t pay me to listen to the radio. Well sort of... The Engine Room is not radio but an incredible simulation. The DJ is a rock photographer friend of mine who just slides ever so comfortably into his radio way off to the side project. Go have a listen. And if you are traveling for the holidays download the whole Christmas show. You’ll arrive at your location yuled up and ready to go.

The Engine Room

(Photo stolen from Where he stole it from I do not know. Perhaps Honcho's "Old Timey Men of Steel Edition."

Monday, December 18, 2006

You've Come A Long Way Baby! (Google Circa 1960)

Here is something simple that popped up on and though many blogs pointed out how funny it is I feel few bothered to mention how thought provoking it is. It is completely reasonable that a research company would have had a piece of paper like this in 1960 and perhaps later. Can you imagine all that would have to happen upon receipt of a particular search term? Imagine the hours put in by an army of researchers pouring over books, magazines, newspapers legal documents. Imagine the stack of paper listing relative articles, court cases, literature etc. Imagine the expense of it all. This simple, black and white photo of a photocopy speaks volumes about the impact of the internet. Just take a moment to think about it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We’re Bigger Than Dawkin’s (Or Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me & My Monkey)

Go Ape Shirts is truly living up to its name with this one. EVOLVER is great art, great apes and great comedy. Tell me this doesn’t make a great gift for one of those aged Beatles fans you know. I already gave one to a longhaired hippy dad type friend of mine. Order yours now at

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

iDJ2 (or What Every Other Punk Kid in Every City Says)

When Numark's iDJ (1) came out in July of ‘05. GNF shut it down for what we thought were some pretty obvious shortcomings. What we said...

“But see here's the thing. See those 2 Ipods? Maybe one is yours and one is your roommate's. Maybe you have your old ipod and your new one (it accepts any model.) Chances are they are full of different songs. So you are playing Bounce, Skate, Roll and the dance floor is packed. You suddenly realize the perfect mix (obviously) would be coming into Slave's Watching You. The BPMs match and the feel is just right. BUT oh wait. Those songs are on the same I pod. And why wouldn't they be. Same genre, same era...”

Well it took more than a year, but Numark finally read my slam and got to work on the iDJ2. There is no price yet, but among the listed features we find this “Play music off two iPods simultaneously, play two songs off same iPod.”

You're welcome.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

First Rule Of Pillow Fight Club...

Yet another terrific tee from Go Ape Shirts. The good folks that brought you my Boo Boo Walker and Elliot's New Friend.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Who The Hell Reads This Thing?

Have you ever been reading this blog and thought to yourself “Who the hell reads this thing?” No? Just me huh? Well, here it is anyway. A world map which indicates where GreedoNeverFired visitors come from. It is a graphic from Google Analytics which is a great free service I use to track the traffic that hits GNF.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Stop Paying Retail

If you’re like me (you’ll need a therapist) you buy a lot of stuff online. Especially with the holidays coming up. So with that in mind, ya know how when you are filling out an order form it often asks you to “Enter Coupon Code Here”? And you think to yourself “hmmm wish I had that coupon code.” Well, people who DO have that code are totally into sharing it. Which is why the creators of bring you... So when you get to that “Coupon Code” box go ahead and open up a new window and check to see if you have a discount waiting for you.

For those of you not getting the full picture... companies will sometimes add a code to their advertising in order to gauge its effectiveness. When I watch the DiggNation podcast “brought to you by” the end of the GoDaddy ad says "DiggNation viewers enter “blahblah” for a discount." I don’t have to tell you the actual code because now you know how to get it. Of course now advertisers will have no idea who saw their ad and who went to, but so what we have been ruining their statistics via for years anyway.

UPDATE: Also handy is the brand spanking new It is a little bogged down from a recent Digg barrage, but it looks like it may have some sweet action.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome To The Grand Illusion

Here is an amazing little optical illusion sculpture which I discovered while knocking about on It was produced by a group of folks who call themselves Binary Arts and the lil’ dragon buddy himself is based on the illusion oriented artwork of Jerry Andrus. Even more exciting is the fact that you can MAKE YOUR OWN! This link right chyah (Warning Direct PDF Link) will give you a PDF with an image ready to be cut, folded and glued to have your very own.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Great Song On A Great Show

Colin Hay on Scrubs dropping Overkill the way he shoulda oughtta from the get go. It's available on iTunes and chicks dig it. His album is called Man At Work. Sweet.

Friday, October 27, 2006

iZod (The "i" Is For Imperial)

I Just thought this would be a neat idea for an embroidered icon on a shirt. Now if I can just get Natalie Portman behind the idea.

UDATE: My apologies I thought I remembered someone saying folks want blog posts about iZods turns out I was way off base.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Is Amp'd Mobile First To Fight The Fast Forward?

A recent report from a GNF field operative has me thinking we have reached a DVR milestone. While watching the 911 South Park episode on her Time Warner DVR in NYC she "repeatedly had it (the fast forward) freeze up on Amp'd Mobile adds and ONLY Amp'd Mobile ads." She reports that this has occurred with their ads on other shows as well. She says the FF gets a wee bit dodgy and forces you to go to play for a moment. Has Amp'd Mobile taken the first step in saying "Don't Touch That Dial." I will investigate further and I welcome any more information from GNF readers.

If you have experienced anything like this please post a comment. Thanks.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Doin' Lines!

Do you have a couple of hours to kill? No? Then do not click this link: LINE RIDER. Remember when you first saw Tetris and thought “yeah this is neat but I don’t see the big deal, it’s just some... OH MY GOD I have been playing for 2 hours!” Creator of Line Rider art student “fsk” says “Its not a game, its a toy. What i mean is there is no goals to achieve and there is no score.” Well, it is as addictive as all get along and I really hope he expands on it.

UPDATE: There has been a major update to Line Rider. Straight lines, acceleration, ERASING! and more check it out here... Line Rider

Monday, September 18, 2006

Apple's Latest Auto Integration

As far as I can tell Apple has been leading the race to car integration. In fact I have seen little to no sign of any other computers or music players being integrated into autos. Now, from the looks of Nissan's latest TV commercial (pics above, click to enlarge) Apple has made the first move into Auto ad integration as well. Damn the market share! Full speed ahead!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ninjas, Light Sabers and... Make-up?

CLICK HERE! To watch the actual commercial.

Is this how CoverGirl sells make-up to women? Using the same elements that drive nerds wild on the internet? I am not sure what their thinking is, but it is certainly an interesting approach. Comments anyone?

iPod Nano Ad Uses Jimmy James!

Sorry News Radio fans, not that Jimmy James. I am talking about the first track on the Beastie Boys' record Check Your Head.

Is this news worthy? No. Interesting? Maybe a little. Does it give me a chance to use key iPod and Nano type words in a post just one day after an Apple announcement that will have the whole world searching these terms? You're damn Skippy!

So here is the new iPod Nano (from Apple) ad: Nano

And here is the song : Jimmy James ( Go to Disk 1, Track 20)

Ok so its just the baseline.

Am I saying Apple stole it from The Boys? Hell no. I am sure it was handed to The Beasties by The Dust Brothers and I am sure The Dust Brothers can tell you where they vicked it from. Or maybe one of my readers can... (I'm looking at you WalkingSpanish.)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Told Ya So (How TV Advertisers Will Beat The FF Button)

GNF tells TV advertisers how to beat Tivo and one year later they take my advice. Feels good to help. It's... Rewarding.

My Advice

Their Move

UPDATE: GNF reader RichRoc has done a little research and discovered the patent was applied for over a year before I made my original post. So as it turns out I am not on the cutting edge, but rather viewing said edge through binoculars from the base of the blade.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Webisodes

The SciFi Channel is whetting the appetites of sci-fi TV fans with ten “webisodes” of Battlestar Galactica that will become available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at midnight (eastern.) The first of which is available now. These ten 3 to 4 minute episodes will lead right into the October 6th season premier. It’s smart and its free.

I will watch nearly any science fiction you throw at me, but admittedly Battlestar Galactica is a love it or hate it kind of show. The most common complaint I hear from folks is that it is way too soap opera-like. To those folks I say “Do Not Watch These Webisodes.” The following quote from a New York Times article (you’ll need a user & pass) leads me to believe these shorts will be more soap opera like than ever.

To keep the Web segments viewable on tiny screens, “Battlestar” has used lots of close-ups of actors’ faces — plenty of emotion — and few sweeping vistas, Mr. Storey said. “They’re very emotional, relatable conflicts that these guys are going through,” Mr. Storey said. “Because of that, we could really get in close with the camera.”

Emotional conflicts... getting in close with the camera... If Starbuck is speaking Spanish and standing in a lavish hacienda I think Tele-Mundo will finally pick up the show. And lets face it, even if that is the case I’m still gonna watch every episode.

Watch the webisodes here.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Here is something to do. Decode this. I was checking out some cryprographic challenges (a search originally spurred by this post on and decided to take a whack at it. Good luck and enjoy.

UPDATE: I have changed the code to make it easier to decipher.

Need a Hint? Click here.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shake's On A Blog (But Not Just Any Blog)

In what will hopefully be my last in a rash of Master Shake stories. (Ignore that last sentence.) I recently stumbled upon my Shakes On A Plane poster featured on some guys blog. I have to say I was very excited see my efforts had not been wasted and at least one other guy out there thought my poster was funny. I was totally satisfied with that when I decided to see what else his site had to offer. Well, among other things it offered this very important sentence:

“Did you know I’m not just the voice of Master Shake...”

The site belonged to none other than Dana Snyder the voice of Master Shake himself. I am honored. Truly.

Dana’s home page.

My Poster on his site.
scroll down

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Firefox In The Wild

Just a friendly reminder that you should be using Firefox. If you are not, stop what you are doing and go to

Oh and for more little guys that make you go awwww go to

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Trend Starting (With Stephen Colbert)

Many of you are familiar with the word ”Truthiness.” It is a word created by Steven Colbert that actually made it into Miriam Webster’s dictionary. Less are likely familiar with Colbert’s self-descriptive Licolnish which appears in the opening of his show. Upon seeing Snickers ads a while back that used such words as SUBSTANTIALICIOUS, SATISFECTELLENT and HUNGERECTOMY I thought Colbert might have started a trend, but I usually don’t believe a trend is a trend until occurrences reach the magic number. Well, Sam Adams comes in at number 3 with sam•light•en•ment. (pictured above in their latest television campaign.)

Ya know, Certain small minded TV personalities go on and on about how ineffective Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are and yet the duo continues to bend and create public opinion repeatedly via one hour of jokes on a cable station. I used to wonder why there was an entire section on political cartoons in my American History book... Now I know.

LINK: Gimmyabreakopoloy in everyday life.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Requesting Back Up! (ZYB)

What's worse than having your cellphone run over by a snowmobile?... Having to re-enter hundreds of contacts into your new phone. Agree? Check out ZYB.COM. Thanx to Gizmodo for the tip.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Science Research Associates?

Hey, does anyone remember SRAs? I found this one at the intersection of Stanton and Allen. I have to admit my friends and I always cheated on these things. Don't cheat kids!

UPDATE: Welcome Wikipedia users! It appears someone found this post hilarious. Hilarious? OK, why not. (GNF's first link on Wikipedia.)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Parasite USB Drive (Or Another Invention I Will Never Make)

Here is an idea I had for one of those zany USB thumb drives that seem to be so popular. Its a soft rubber, Lamprey-like parasite. When inserted into a USB port it appears to be feeding off of the computer. I think the best design would be one with a small motor that causes the tail to wriggle when the drive is active.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shake's In A Porn

Not a lot of explanation needed here. Master Shake, star of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Shake’s On A Plane has been spotted in some real live pr0n. Unfortunately its a rather poor likeness in that shake is WAY too tall.

Oh and by the way, this is the closest you’ll ever come to seeing porn on GNF. I turned the mosaic pixelization way up so Google wont feel compelled to revoke my new “Google Ads.” Click the button in the menu bar on the right and learn more about those.

UPDATE: Aqua Teen Hunger Force now available on iTunes along with Venture Bros. Sweet.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Shake's On A Plane (Or Aqua Teen Hunger Farce)

If you don’t think that these are hysterical then you either are not aware of the soon to come Snakes On A Plane with Samuel L. Jackson or... You are unfamiliar with Aqua Teen Hunger Force which is inexcusable since I told you to watch it over a year ago (June 27th, 2005.) Anyway, they're funny and I wasted way too much time making them... so laugh dammit.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention there actually is an Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie on its way. Read about it here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Warriors Finally Make It To Coney

There is a free showing of The Warriors coming up at Coney Island.

When: Wednesday, August 2nd at 8:30 PM
Where: Asser Levy Park amphitheater
between Sea Breeze and Ocean at 2nd street
Coney Island, NY
Why: Because event sponsors ‘NetFlix’ apparently never heard about the violence that erupted outside of dozens of theatres when the movie opened in 1979. What's going to happen when we get there with our blankets and there isn't enough room... and we start fighting for ten square feet of ground, our turf, our little piece of turf. That's crap, brothers!

Oh and get this... There is a subway based scavenger hunt “traversing all five boroughs” before hand.

Grand Prize: Nine leather "Warriors" vests, and an August 3rd brunch with the cast and crew of The Warriors!


UPDATE: Yes, the grand prize really is Nine leather "Warriors" vests.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Little Fish In A Big LogoPond

There is a fairly new site on the web called logopond. It is an “identity inspiration” site. Their slogan is “A place to fish for ideas” get it? It's a collection of logos which designers (and from the looks of it wannabe designers) have created. You go there to get/steal ideas. After pointed it out to me (and of course crashed it... see Digg Effect) I got right down to making a logo that would hopefully be well received there. And in fact they put the RAYSHIO logo I made (seen above) right on the front page... which was nice. It is just an imaginary company that might offer downloadable audio books. It would be pronounced 'Ray-shee-oh' (like ratio.) Anyway, since the purpose of this post is simply to toot my own horn I won't waste any more of your time... BEEP BEEP. Check out logopond if you like logos. The site is a work in progress but its quite nice so far.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

E.T.-Shirt (Elliot's New Friend)

Remember Go Ape Shirts? The site brave enough to take a chance on Boo Boo Walker (formerly known as At At Boo Boo.) We’ll it looks like folks are going ape for yet another winner. Elliot’s New Friend! Yes indeed, another gem orphaned by and rescued by Go Ape.

Thank you Preshrunk for breaking the story on this one.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Google commits genericide!

Genericide: The process by which trademark rights are diminished or lost as a result of common use in the marketplace is sometimes known as genericide. (e.g. Kleenex and Popsicle) You know your brand has truly met this definition when Merriam Webster bitch slaps your capital "G" down to lowercase and informs you that you are now a verb.

In the interest of further watering down the Google brand (which I love dearly) get your own custom Google home page (like the one pictured above) at customgoogle.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ride The Lightning

Castle Rock - Jason Bunch was listening to Metallica on his iPod while mowing the lawn outside his Castle Rock home Sunday afternoon when lightning hit him.

Says the Denver post. The story goes on to say “The wounds follow the line of his iPod, from his ears down his right side to his hip, where he was carrying the device. The iPod has a hole in the back.” So the back of the iPod was blown out, destroyed by a lightning strike.

When reached for comment the RIAA made this quote available:

“What you have seen is only a sample of our power. We demand the halt of all illegal downloading of music on the internet or we will be forced to show the world the full extent of our power.”

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What A Drag!

BumpTop really is the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the not so distant future. Seriously.

Story comes from

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That Bird Is Crazy!

This Lyrebird is really something else. I almost thought the audio on this movie was fake. Let that bird roam around in your favorite arcade for a while and then bring him to parties. Yeah that’d be awesome.

Oh and nobody narrates nature like David Attenborough. Nobody.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Slap Top

Here at YouTube you will see a video in which a enterprising, young lad has hacked the Sudden Motion Sensor in his Mac Book Pro to perform desktop commands. A light smack on the side of the screen switches apps like re-setting the carriage on an old typewriter. It is clever like Trevor for sure, but I always like to take things a step further too far.

I say someone should make an interactive fetish video. Nothing too fancy. She presents it, you give it a little smack and she reacts. Fun for the whole family! They can call it Spank Me... Tag line: “Lord knows you’ve spanked yourself enough”

Monday, May 22, 2006

iPod. They Prod.

Ooo look a radical, guerilla campaign is fighting against the corporate plot to get us all on the same MP3 player. Sometime late last night what must have been a roving group of young hooligans fed up with the Orwellian success of the iPod struck a major blow and spoke out with thousands of wheat pasted posters all over Manhattan warning against joining the iPod nation. Well, that should boost iPod sales nicely... Once the reality sets in that the “campaign” is simply an advertising campaign and the “roving group of hooligans” is advertising dandy Grey San Francisco, a big, fat, shiny ad agency. Their goal? Not to get you off the iPod, but to get you onto a SanDisk player. SanDisk? Seriously? If you are looking for a cheap and ugly USB thumbdrive then by all means, but if you want the whole package stick with the iPod. Sure, the advertising is pretty, but it’s the updates, innovations, ease of use, array of accessories, overwhelmingly satisfied customers and friggin’ iTunes that make it the right choice.

My brother and his wife got a SanDisk player 2 weeks ago. If anyone has any advice on how they might figure out how to get some music onto it let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Oh and by the way Grey and SanDisk just called you all suckers.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Font Spotting

Not since Eurostyle (popularized by E Entertainment) have I seen a font take off so hugely as the new and exciting Rosewood. This versatile little fancy-old-west-circus-poster font seems to be popping up everywhere. It’s very likely that you don’t take note of which fonts are in heavy rotation, but I do and I’ll tell you its a wonder girls will even talk to me. Actually I don’t even think this font is new. It’s probably just seeing a resurgence. By the way the bitters label is my design and was completed weeks before the launch of the Old Navy campaign.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Media Condemns OJ's New Show (And reminds you to check your local listings)

Do yourself a favor and let this be the only place you read about OJ’s “outrageous stunt” involving a white Bronco and a whole lot of nerve. I over heard someone reading a headline about OJ's "contraversial" new show. So I investigated and I am fairly sure this “news story” is mostly a press release from the makers of the show. The Fox News article includes a link to where you can buy the DVD and here are some excerpts from the E-Online coverage:

“Simpson, who reportedly turns up disguised as an Elvis impersonator, a pizza delivery man and an elderly white man leading a seniors' bingo game.”

“Juiced was produced by Xtreme Entertainment Group and is available as a one-hour pay-per-view special this month. A 90-minute, uncensored DVD version will be available online for $19.95.”

Right, an article exposing the heinous act of a callous man has the courtesy to let you know where to see, when to see and how much you will pay to see this morally reprehensible show. Don’t fall for it. Don’t read it. Don’t watch it.

No Links, No Love.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Used To Have It, Never Will

Do I see a trend developing? During my Sunday night television session I saw two conspicuously “green” ads for two conspicuously green labels. New 7 Up which is ALL NATURAL and Prego Organic which is organic (I guess.) Personally I welcome the all natural 7 Up. My local Deli has 8 glass doors packed with beverages and I am really only grabbing the Orange Orange and Revive Vitamin Waters... Oh and Budweiser of course. My message to the food and beverage companies who seem to be leaning towards tree hugging is this... We are going to eat and drink what ever you literally and figuratively force down our throats so do us a favor and make some of it good for us less bad for us.


TOLD YOU SO: No more Disney/Pixar cross promotion with McDonalds. Steve Jobs is giving up a billion dollar contract in the name of healthier food. "The word is that Disney is trying to disassociate itself from high calorie and trans fat laden fast food peddled by fast food giants like McDonald's." Read more Here.

AND AGAIN: According to Wal-Mart is going Organic.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

At At Boo Boo Goes Ape

At At Boo Boo. Who’s new name is Boo Boo Walker is now officially available (and this time I mean it) at Go Ape Shirts . “Go Ape Shirts is a small t-shirt company run out of Arizona.” Learn more at a cool T-Shirt Blog called addic[tee]d - Fresh Tee Guide™ .

Oh and buy one ‘cause I get a dollar on every Boo Boo Walker sold.

UPDATE: More press for go ape.

UPDATE: EVEN MORE press for go ape.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Greedo Never Fired (or told ya so)

Yeah I know GNF has really dropped the ball on content lately. Well consider it a hunger strike. I simply refused to post new content until the title of my blog (Greedo Never Fired) was taken more seriously. And now we can rejoice. According to Digital Bits Rumor Mill "Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox are finally going to be releasing the original theatrical versions of the Star Wars films on DVD." That means Han Solo will once again shoot Greedo in cold blood. Its touching really, but maybe I am just old fashioned.

Now maybe we can get back to business here at GNF.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My recommended remedy for unavailable URLs or...

Did you ever try to remember a website URL someone told you, but all you could come up with is “shit, it was music something dot com."

Well, it occurred to me that SOMETHING is in fact the best “suffix” to place on the URL you wish you could have nabbed. Not ONLINE or SITE as recommends, but the word the person is going to wind up saying when they try to remember anyway.

I tell people I'm at all the time. You know they get home and say “dammit it was dave something.” Well, now I own and I can bounce 'em to wherever I want them from there.

It would be fun to say too.

“Hey Dave, do you have a website?”
“Yes, I do. It's Dave something dot com.”
“Well, dude I am gonna need to know what some…”
“No no, it is Literally : “

It occurs to me that the names below might also be fun to have. All of these would be great replies to “do you (or 'you guys' for bands) have a website: (ignore the spaces)
  • No sorry I dont
  • No sorry we dont
  • We dont need one
  • In fact I do
  • No should I
  • Maybe I do maybe I dont
  • Maybe we do maybe we dont
  • I dont give it out
And they are ALL available as .com so have at 'em. I am hoping Go Daddy will pick up on this SOMETHING thing and make it one of their "auto-alternatives."

And yes is available.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Digg Nation Quick PhotoShop HA HA

Few will get it. Even less will find it amusing. But I am being badgered for content. (click photo for larger version)

Watch Digg Nation the video podcast with Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. It's a damn good time. Available Here or on iTunes under Podcasts.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Topless Time (Why Didn’t I Think Of That)

This “World Clock” speaks for itself. All you really need to know is it was designed by Charlotte Van Der Waals and is available right chyah.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. How I Wonder If There Are Life Sustaining, Earthlike Planets Orbiting You As We Speak.

There has been some speculation lately… every few years actually about which of our neighboring stars is most likely to have an “earthlike” planet orbiting it. Perhaps you’ve seen the articles. Though not likely what with Nick and Jessica’s divorce heating up again.

Anyway, I will fill you in on the top 5 (gathered from this article ) and why they don’t/and do matter.

1) beta CVn 2) HD 10307 3) HD 211415 4) 18 Sco 5) 51 Pegasus (above)

Ah 51 Pegasus, you get another 15 minutes of fame after all. Am I right people. (you can tell I just watched The Colbert Report)

Ok, they don’t matter and here is why. Many of the articles you read/won’t read will talk about how there’s a pretty good chance these stars warm planets with life on them or how these solar systems are just like ours and that stuff is wild speculation. Don’t get me wrong It is all based in fact, but it basically amounts to "this sun is too hot, this sun is too cold, this sun is j-u-s-t r-i-g-h-t" these scientists are salesmen too and getting money to look at stars is a tough business.

The stars they are talking about are 20+ light years away. You need to consider what a light year is... 5,865,696,000,000 miles. Nearly 6 trillion ya get me. Your first thought might be “you couldn’t possibly get a whole lot of useful information about a point in space 120 trillion miles away.” That first thought would be right. But…

eventually some Zefram Cochrane wanna be is gonna design an engine that can travel at immense speeds and maybe while he is at it he will also develop a ship that will protect its passengers from the crushing forces created by those immense speeds (though I tend to doubt it.) But if he does there is gonna be a whole lot of squabbling about where to go first and with this list astronomer Margaret Turnbull is calling her galactic “shotgun!” loud and proud.

Should we choose her destinations when we boldly go? Sure why not, look at her consummate scientific method in a couple of quotes:

“These are places I'd want to live if God were to put our planet around another star," Dr Turnbull said.

And she said of another promising star “It has enough intrinsic luminosity to suggest good prospects for a habitable zone but not so bright as to overwhelm attempts to take images of the planet with telescopes."

So we are looking for life where the lighting is best.

Somebody get me a star chart, a monkey and 5 darts. (that was mean… sorry monkey.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The PSPeople's Court

The PSP made a short appearance on The People's Court today. The defendant used his PSP to show the judge the damage to his car. She called it a Gameboy. The bailiff corrected her that it was a Playstation. Once again proving that GNF is bitter that it will never top the traffic it garnered from the PSP NYC subway map and must resort to daytime television references.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pass The Olympic Torch

I am sure I am not the first guy to do this.

UPDATE: Let's go ahead and call it a caption contest. Any takers?

Friday, February 10, 2006

Big Bang For Your Buck

Think of it as killing two birds with one stone. George Deutsch might even like this one. And for Christ's sake have a sense of humor about it. :)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What Were You Thinking?

You tape one god damned episode of Modern Marvels and Tivo thinks you want to watch every episode of Monster Garage. Order a scarf on Amazon and they are suddenly recommending places to get your ass waxed. “If you like this record you might like this vegan treat.”!?!?

The internet has proved to me over and over that it's predictive algorithms do not work. Or at least do not work on me (he said smugly.)

Well, My good friend IKE recommended and I'll be damned it works pretty good. Unlike so many other music suggestion “programs” it seems to know that the fact I like Clutch means I know Nickleback is utter crap.

Give it a try. It looks good. Works good (well pretty good.) And it is FREE.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One Pixel for One Dollar (Not 100 Pixels At One Dollar Each)

Here is an idea I have been sitting on for months. Why? Well because it seemed like a really good idea. I thought it might be a money maker, but like so many good ideas implementing it turned out to be a real pain in the ass.

Basically it is just another “pixel page” like The Million Dollar Homepage successfully implemented by Alex Tew in which one sells pixels as advertising/links on a single page.

There are a slew of these pages, but they all suffer the same impediment. You cannot actually buy 1 pixel for 1 dollar. The reason being… 1 pixel is too small to represent a company logo or ad and the resulting page is just a mess of multicolored pixels.

In my version you actually buy 1 pixel for 1 dollar. That pixel is represented by a reasonably sized jpg that is displayed in the center of the page when your pixel is “moused over” (see above.) The added bonus is that the first person to buy a pixel owns every pixel on the page. When a second buyer comes on board he splits those pixels with the original buyer, so on and so forth. So early joiners will enjoy large bits of real estate before the page becomes crowded.

If you like this idea and think there is still time to earn in the pixel world (there isn’t) feel free to take this idea and run with it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Texting 1, 2, 3

Do you Text message? More and more people are doing it every day. It is a lot like Tivo and Google in that if you get people to do it once, they get hooked. I text like crazy. “where r u guys?” “Im on my way.” I sometimes text even when I am sitting right next to the person “do you believe this loser?” or “dude, thers sumthing on yr nose.”

On that note here’s a URL from Google where you can send text messages from your computer, from the internet. Yes, its old tech but this one is easy, and free and works.

Try it out: HERE.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Firefly 2: Browncoat Bugaloo

It appears some folks are trying to resurect a television show that I am wikked fond of. So as a favor to me please go HERE and tell them you would watch it if they did. Now I say "Firefly Season 2" and "Serenity" and "Joss Whedon" in hopes that this blog entry will show up in searches. Thanks.