Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My recommended remedy for unavailable URLs or...

Did you ever try to remember a website URL someone told you, but all you could come up with is “shit, it was music something dot com."

Well, it occurred to me that SOMETHING is in fact the best “suffix” to place on the URL you wish you could have nabbed. Not ONLINE or SITE as recommends, but the word the person is going to wind up saying when they try to remember anyway.

I tell people I'm at all the time. You know they get home and say “dammit it was dave something.” Well, now I own and I can bounce 'em to wherever I want them from there.

It would be fun to say too.

“Hey Dave, do you have a website?”
“Yes, I do. It's Dave something dot com.”
“Well, dude I am gonna need to know what some…”
“No no, it is Literally : “

It occurs to me that the names below might also be fun to have. All of these would be great replies to “do you (or 'you guys' for bands) have a website: (ignore the spaces)
  • No sorry I dont
  • No sorry we dont
  • We dont need one
  • In fact I do
  • No should I
  • Maybe I do maybe I dont
  • Maybe we do maybe we dont
  • I dont give it out
And they are ALL available as .com so have at 'em. I am hoping Go Daddy will pick up on this SOMETHING thing and make it one of their "auto-alternatives."

And yes is available.

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