Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Warriors Finally Make It To Coney

There is a free showing of The Warriors coming up at Coney Island.

When: Wednesday, August 2nd at 8:30 PM
Where: Asser Levy Park amphitheater
between Sea Breeze and Ocean at 2nd street
Coney Island, NY
Why: Because event sponsors ‘NetFlix’ apparently never heard about the violence that erupted outside of dozens of theatres when the movie opened in 1979. What's going to happen when we get there with our blankets and there isn't enough room... and we start fighting for ten square feet of ground, our turf, our little piece of turf. That's crap, brothers!

Oh and get this... There is a subway based scavenger hunt “traversing all five boroughs” before hand.

Grand Prize: Nine leather "Warriors" vests, and an August 3rd brunch with the cast and crew of The Warriors!


UPDATE: Yes, the grand prize really is Nine leather "Warriors" vests.


Anonymous said...

can't be a 5 borough subway scavenger hunt. we don't got no freakin subways here on the rock! maybe it will be 4 subways and an express bus. CAN U DIG IT???

Redboy said...

OoOoo if these are the vests that SSUR made for rockstar and crew they're reallyreallyreally f'n nice...i'm so gunna win that shite and never take it off.


@DJNoRequest said...

I like the idea of 9 of us gang up on the winners like the Riff's did to the Rogues at the end and pound the shit out of them and TAKE those vests for ourselves.

Maybe second place gets the Turnbull AC's vests?
wish theyd make Baseball Furies Shirts too...