Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Insurance Company Is Going REALLY green!

When I received a policy from my insurance company it was printed on both sides of 30 pages. With that in mind, I suppose, they also included information on how to "save trees" by signing up for an "ePolicy." So strong was their desire to "save trees" that they saw fit to reiterate it 17 times. (see below)
Now, lets not get all about this. They would surely use the headline "Chubb Hates Trees. Includes 17 pamphlets with its policies." They love to portray isolated incidents as company policies. I am sure some kid was told he could call it quits for the day once he used up the pamphlets. And Voila. Still, I thought it was amusing enough to share... I mean LOOK AT ALL THOSE TREES! :)

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Anonymous said...

whatever happened to the "it's our world let's use it up" shirts? get crackin on that erf day will be here before you know it